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Nice to meet you. We're Kinectiv.

We are passionate about freeing you of pain, healing your injuries, and protecting your body so you can do the things you love to do.

The Story Behind Our Company

We all met through university, various workplaces, and came together to create Kinectiv. We saw a niche to be innovative and bring what we've learned from all over the world to our community.

We wanted our core values and philosophy to reflect our branding - family, community, and health.


Hence, Kinectiv Sport + Health.

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Dr. Kindy Parmar working with our friend and professional mixed martial arts fighter, Cheick Kongo

"Respecting family values, being innovative, and living in optimal health are in our company's DNA. We live and breathe this everyday."

Dr. Bryson Chow,
Chiropractor and Owner

Our Mission

We're focused on engineering bodies with purpose. 

We want you to know that your success is our primary focus. To get from A to B, we believe in offering an integrated environment of practitioners with unique skill sets to tailor and personalize care to your needs.

Our Core Values

Be an influence

Provide the best experience

Build a family

Be confident

Be courageous

Make an impact

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