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Looking to reduce stress, ease pain, or work on something deeper? From sleep disorders, to digestive issues, hormonal issues, and much more, acupuncture and cupping is the treatment for you!


You may not have ever looked into acupuncture due to your fear of needles or you have seen too many pictures with a patient covered in needles from head to toe and thought, “that is not for me,” but all of those needles are just for photography purposes! Acupuncture sessions only require a small number of powerful points to get the desired effect. The needles are very thin- the size of a hair strand- and they are short, so you can barely feel them. You will be pleasantly surprised to find it is actually very relaxing! 


In addition to its relaxing nature, there are no side effects from acupuncture. Acupuncture works solely on promoting your own body’s ability to heal itself, so there’s no need to recover from any medications once your ailment is resolved. 


This traditional practice has been around for thousands of years and continues to work for so many ailments because it focuses on treating the root of the disorder/disease and keeping in mind that everything in the body is connected. When we treat the body as a whole, we heal on many levels.


Initial sessions with our Maple Ridge Registered Acupuncturists are roughly an hour and 15 minutes long, which involve a thorough assessment plus a treatment. Follow-up sessions are an hour long and include time to discuss anything plus a treatment. Treatments can involve other modalities such as cupping therapy, tui na, Gua Sha, and TCM dietary advice.

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