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Ash graduated from SFU in 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation.


With a long and varied history of athletics and activity from team sports, personal training, and the army, his knowledge and experience in different aspects of performance run deep. Ironically, many of those experiences have left him with his own injuries from herniated discs to rotator cuff injuries. This has deepened Ash's appreciation for his career and the importance of what Kinesiology can offer. 


Ash believes very strongly in the concept of Active Rehabilitation for those seeking to return to full function. He also believes in the constant assessment and reassessment of the body, even in the absence of pain, to allow it to perform optimally whether in the gym, playing sports, or in everyday life. Regardless of your age, Ash believes there are ways we can help improve ourselves and find better function. 


With his knowledge and understanding, Ash hopes to assist any and everybody in their journey back to pain free movement.


Specialization and areas of interest include:

  • Active Rehabilitation (exercise) for return to work and sport individuals 

  • Function Movement Screening (FMS) and subsequent corrective exercises

  • Exercise prescription and programming

  • Working with clients with lower back, knee, and shoulder pains

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