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Concussion Management

Lacrosse Players

Are you suffering from unresolved headaches due to persistent concussion issues? Are you forgetful or having trouble remembering important things? You can’t exercise because it causes your headaches to worsen resulting in missed activities or work. Are you unsure of when it’s safe to return to play or work? 


Some people will say the best treatment is to rest and let the symptoms go away, but we know this can be detrimental to your brain health. Our Maple Ridge Chiropractic Concussion Management Team's goal is to protect you from developing long-term problems by assessing five indispensable areas of function that are known to be affected by traumatic brain injury. We complete care with objective clearance tests to ensure you’re ready to get back to life. 

We focus on treating your balance, aerobic activities, neck injuries, visual tracking, cognitive abilities, and mental health to get you back to feeling yourself as soon as possible. Utilizing Complete Concussion Management™, we gradually return you to work and sport to prevent persistent issues.

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