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David is a student of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and he has some background in Kinesiology. He strongly believes that movement and relaxation are paramount aspects to optimizing your health.


David promotes both of these in his treatments and he is capable of working with a wide spectrum of concerns including, but not limited to, postural and repetitive strain, whiplash, muscle and joint pain, headache, nerve entrapment, athletic injury, and stress management.


He works to engage your nervous system through dynamic release, reciprocal inhibition, and relaxation techniques interspersed with deeper modalities to provide a well rounded focus to help you achieve your goals.


David also provides you with education, rehabilitative exercises, and effective home care strategies for long lasting results. 


He's fascinated with the complexity of the human body and its movements and as such, his aim is to provide you with the perfect recovery plan best suited to you so that you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve. 


"My palpation skill allows me to understand the density and pliability of the skin, fascia, and the superficial muscles, thereby allowing me to apply the perfect technique to best engage it."


When David is not at the clinic, he maintains a very active lifestyle whether that is hiking, weightlifting, or swimming as well as learning languages and taking care of his fur baby. 

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