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*On leave*

Isaac graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2020. As someone who has been injured and has received care from various Registered Massage Therapists himself, he has a deep understanding and belief in massage therapy. Isaac enjoys doing deep-tissue Swedish massage and utilizing fascial release techniques.

Isaac likes to work with all sorts of people, regardless if you are coming in for relaxation, to work on an injury, or another condition, he is passionate about helping others. He also finds it fulfilling to work with pre and post-natal patients as he is able to alleviate some of the pain, discomfort, and stress that can come along with pregnancy. Isaac’s goal for his pre and post-natal patients is to help you live comfortably while your body undergoes changes.

Before Isaac began his career as a Registered Massage Therapist, he was a Dancer for 12 years, so he understands the need to take care of your body. During his time off, Isaac likes to hang out with his family, play board games, and write.

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