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Knee + Joint Braces

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Whether you’re healing from an injury, preventing further injury, or staying active in your golden years, a brace may be exactly what you need to get you back into sports and activity sooner. A brace can also keep you active while giving you the confidence to play at your level - whatever that looks like for you.

There are bracing and support solutions for all parts of your body and when provided by a trained professional, they can be an integral part of your rehabilitation process. When looking for options you should have a quality product that’s measured and fitted properly to help stay in place and remain comfortable while being our most dynamic to allow you maximum freedom. 

After recurrent falls, trips, mishaps, and tumbles, a brace or support is a dependable advancement to regaining your self-assurance in your abilities. Technology has come a long way from clunky and cumbersome to sleek and lightweight. For example, Ossur’s Unloader One series weighs only one pound, yet can shift your body’s weight to avoid the joint narrowing of osteoarthritis in your knee.

There are new weaves of material that are more breathable, yet tacky to your skin to stay in place. Baurfeind and Ossur have medical-grade compression sleeves with built-in pads and straps for various injuries and conditions. These braces form to your anatomy without bulging or gapping making it easy to fit under your clothes for long-term wear.

If you're curious if a brace or support can assist you in your recovery, assist in a recurrent injury, or help slow down the aging process, please contact us for a free 15-minute consultation to inquire further with our bracing specialist, Sarah Shiho, who has over 15 years in the industry.

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