NeuroCatch is an efficient, insightful window into the brain's healthy function and in various brain health situations.

Why should I use Neurocatch?

NeuroCatch brain scan technology allows us to see how your brain normally functions and how it's acting differently after a concussion or other disorder, such as brain injury, dementia, neurological diseases, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental health, brain performance, and human optimization.


Using this comparison, our practitioners help you get back to your 'normal' quicker. 

What happens during my appointment?


NeuroCatch uses three sensors that are held in place on your head by a thin mesh cap. Your practitioner will spread a few drops of gel between the sensors and your skin to receive a clear electroencephalogram (EEG) signal from your brain.

Once the cap is in place, you'll be given a set of earphones, with earbuds to place in your ears. After you receive instructions on staying alert and relaxed, the audio sequence will start and play a variety of tones and word pairs for 6 minutes.

During this time, NeuroCatch records how fast your brain is reacting to these sounds and how strongly your brain responds. After the scan is complete, your practitioner will analyze your results.