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Are you having difficulty working at your desk without discomfort, being active without a previous injury getting in your way, or regaining function and strength after a surgery? Wondering why your knee is hurting? That ankle sprain you had years ago may be the culprit.


Some believe these are normal issues that happen over time, like an overheating car for example, and fail to address it until it is no longer functioning. Our Maple Ridge Physiotherapy team are movement system detectives taking a BioPsychoSocial approach to address your concerns. So, when we see a car overheating, we don’t simply add water to the radiator, we look at the reasoning behind why heat cannot escape from the engine. 


The engine of your body doesn’t just consist of how your body works mechanically; it’s how all systems work together. 

We take our time providing you with the tools you need to excel and a specific treatment program for your own individual concerns; this may include hands-on care, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), and specific exercises that are tailored to your needs. This multimodal approach ultimately contributes to improving how your body functions and performs. When we see the need, we can also refer you to other experts to address any other components that are affecting your function.

Along with our Kinectiv team of professionals, we know it is vital for your health to be able to achieve your goals and carry out daily activities in a pain-free manner.

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