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Getting to Know Sam Soares

Sam Soares is a Registered Massage Therapist by day and playing hockey/coaching female minor hockey by night.

Sam Soares has a huge involvement in female minor hockey. In 2019, she was on the coaching staff for the BC Bantam Zone team competing in a scouting tournament in Toronto. Sam also coached for the Tri-Cities Predators for 10 years and switched to the Langley Lightning last Summer.

She is now 1 of 2 'coach/player development coordinators' for the Langley Female Minor Hockey Association. In addition, Sam has her own skating development company 'Premiere Girls Hockey,' and that's where her passion for player development comes in. She is a huge advocate of building the foundations and techniques of skating and mentoring young athletes to be good teammates. Character and work ethic are 2 of the top characteristics she looks for when picking a team.

Sam grew up playing competitive ice hockey in girls & boys hockey. She says, “hockey really consumes my life and my time when I'm not at work but I really wouldn't have it ANY other way. Being on the ice is where I get to fully be me. Lacing up my skates and being 'Coach Sam' brings another kind of joy and happiness to my life.”

What are you passionate about?

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