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Kintern Confessions

Hey Maple Ridge 👋 we have some aspiring Physiotherapists and Chiropractors on our hands! 🤩 Have you met our Kinterns? We currently have 3 interns (or Kinterns as we like to call them), Hayley, Sharon, and Ben. They are working alongside our practitioners and learning the tricks of the various trades! 💪

What do they do?

⭕ Shadow and work with multiple Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and other Kinterns

⭕ Work one-on-one with patients to assist them with their exercises

⭕ Create personalized exercise programs for patients

⭕ Work with recovery management equipment, such as ultrasound, tecar therapy, norma tec, and a force plate used during concussion testing

What have they learned?

Hayley: “Be honest with yourself and with your patients. There are going to be cases where you don't know the answer right away. I've learned that patients appreciate when you are honest and take a step back to give them the best treatment you can provide. Sometimes it's not going to be a clear set of steps to get your patient back to their best but there are resources out there to help you get them back to where they want to be.”

Sharon: “I’ve learned what to expect from a future career in rehabilitation. I’ve also learned how to assess each individual of their limitations based on subjective and objective findings, and personalizing a treatment program for them.”

Ben: “I saw the reality of the days in the life of a Chiropractor and Physiotherapist. Through observing mainly the Chiropractors, I was inspired by their thoroughness and attention to detail in treatment. The Chiropractor’s comprehensive approach has shown me to always consider the different spectrums of health, such as the biomechanical and physiological perspectives. The Chiropractors also introduced me to some basic muscle palpation techniques, where I learned to isolate different muscle groups around the neck.”

What was their main takeaway from working with Kinectiv?

Hayley: “My main take away from this summer at Kinectiv is that there is always something more to learn. Even the practitioners who have been working for many years will put the effort into learning new techniques and concepts that will further benefit their patients. That's what I love about this kind of work, it never gets boring, and there are always new things out there to learn!”

Sharon: “I learned how to interact with patients in a professional manner and see the bigger picture - not just the symptoms patients present with, but also how other biopsychosocial factors, such as diet, posture, previous medical history, or stress levels, can affect an individual's health.”

Ben: “I learned that each client is truly unique, and the professionals here make the relationships very personal. Being relatable and good communication are very important assets to a practitioner. I learned that good communication is always flexible. There is always a unique way to communicate and relate with each client.”

What was their favorite part about working with Team Kinectiv?

Hayley: “My favorite part about working at Kinectiv is building relationships with patients and being a part of their rehab from week to week. Sharon and I just finished working with a patient and we were very proud of her progress as well as ours since we started with her at the beginning of May.”

Sharon: “Working with the patients one-on-one and getting to know them on a personal level. Not only learning to tailor a personalized exercise program for each individual by targeting their goals and functional limitations, but also seeing how much they improve over time and regain their mobility.”

Ben: “My favorite part about the job-shadow has been seeing clients coming in with pain and anxiety initially, but walking out assured about their health treatment. The amount of freedom clients experience post-treatment is rewarding just to witness. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed listening to the relaxing conversation the practitioners have with the clients.”

Next time you’re in the clinic, make sure to say hello to our Kinterns or ask them some questions to see what they know! 🤔🤓

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