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Registered Kinesiology


Are you suffering from prolonged sitting because of the nature of your job? Are you feeling tight and stiff in your hip and low back and are looking for a more permanent solution? Do you have a physically demanding job and feel lots of discomfort in your muscles and joints due to repetitive actions? Do you feel unmotivated to add more physical activity to your daily routine or need a more supervised and guided exercise program? 


Most of us are bound to our desk due to work which deteriorates our range of motion and minimizes our body function. In the long run, this can lead to many complications. Unfortunately, if we don’t put the time and energy into exercising more, our body will deteriorate at a faster rate. 


On the other hand, you might suffer from joint and muscle pain due to repetitive actions at work, probably as a construction worker, nurse, or care aid. Most of the time our body compensates by using the wrong muscle groups when performing repetitive actions, which can lead to an injury in the long run.


With assistance from our Maple Ridge Registered Kinesiologists, Tina and Zahra, you can learn how to enforce functional movement correctly. It’s all about optimizing mobility and functionality through a client-centered approach.


Tina Aghvami Amoli, Registered Kinesiologist



Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Registered Massage Therapy




Concussion Management



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