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Registered Massage Therapy


Do your muscles feel tired and achy from work or from your weekend warrior activities? Are you recovering from a pulled muscle and can’t walk properly? Or you just need to de-stress a bit from some personal challenges? 

Just like your joints and how you move, your muscles need attention. Changing the tone of your musculature by removing trigger points, teaching you how to improve your flexibility, and targeting chronic muscle stiffness are ways we can show you how to keep your soft tissue healthy. Some people will focus on the painful area, like a kink in a chain. Our Kinectiv Maple Ridge Registered Massage Therapists are whole body practitioners and understand that removing problems from surrounding areas can prevent the problem from continually happening. 

We focus on providing a combination of relaxing therapy and deep tissue massage to help ease and disarm your issues without causing unnecessary discomfort in your care.


Our soft tissue is responsible for connecting all our joints together, and without healthy function, they will change how you feel about working at a computer, gardening, or carrying your children.


We will work together with you and our team to make sure you’re capable of doing everything you want to do.

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