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Are you suffering from pain that increases with activity? Do you have pain when you first put your feet down after resting, such as in the morning or getting out of the car? Do you have recurrent callouses on the bottom of your feet? Are your feet getting wider and your bunion is getting worse?


We all take our feet for granted. They are always there for us to take us where we need to go, helping us enjoy our lives. When they start to cause pain and discomfort when simply going for a walk or getting up in the morning is painful it can cause a lot of grief and stress.


Sarah Shiho is our foot and knee expert when it comes to biomechanics, disorders, and conditions. She not only designs a custom orthotic to best fit your needs, but also tailors a treatment plan including exercises, stretches, and footwear education within your assessment at Kinectiv Sport + Health. After taking a 3D mold of your foot or a scan of your knee you will be booked back for a fitting appointment with the shoes you wish to put the custom foot orthotics in or instructed how to put on your new custom knee or ankle brace. After taking the time to adjust to your new orthotics, you will have a 6 months free adjustment program for all custom foot orthotics and if you are having any issues with your brace, please book a free 30-minute follow-up appointment.


Sarah has used orthotics herself over many years for metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis and over that time has never had to deny herself a fashionable heel or sandal. Having experimented on herself and learning a few tricks along the way, she has made custom foot orthotics for figure skates, hockey skates, skis, cycling shoes, high-heels, strappy sandals, tap, and ballerina’s pointe shoes. She was even able to help a bride have a more comfortable wedding day. 


For over 10 years Sarah has seen numerous patients and their feet. She says she has seen it all, but perhaps you will surprise her! Sarah is also one of Kinectiv Sport + Health’s Acupuncturists, so if you come back to her saying that when you wear your orthotics you get headaches or constipation, she will know exactly why!


Please contact us if you would like to book an assessment or a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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